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Shane Fisher – Manager

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Shane comes to us from ECU where he studied hospitality management. He has had his hand in bartending, but now is a full time manager at Trophy Brewing.  He loves all beers, but is a HOP HEAD at heart.

  • Spirit Animal: Fox
  • Diet Breaker: Tacos
  • Useless Talent: Air Karate
  • Nickname: Níño
  • Favorite Libation:  Old Fashioned

Chris Powers – Co-Captain

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Chris grew up in Henrietta, New York.  He started his restaurant career at the age of 15 in a small Italian restaurant called Fuffaro’s.  There he had his first taste of the restaurant industry, bussing tables, doing kitchen prep, picking up liquor and pretty much anything else the owner could think of.

After a brief hiatus working in corporate event planning, Chris returned to restaurant business with a Canadian restaurant group Sir Corp.  After moving to North Carolina with their concept Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill in 1999, Chris went on to Rocky Top Hospitality where he was a member of the opening staff at Bogart’s.  During his time at Rocky Top, Chris helped in the development of unique concepts like Vivo, Twisted Fork, Hi5, The Red Room and 1705 Prime while also serving as the bar manager at Bogart’s.  In 2007, Chris took his passion for beer and knowledge of the industry to the Raleigh Times to shape the beer program there.

  • Spirit Animal: Liger
  • Diet Breaker: Onions
  • Useless Talent: Sarcasm
  • Nickname: Powers
  • Favorite Libation:  C’mon…

David Woody Lockwood – Co-Captain

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Originally from Mount Kisco, New York, Woody moved to Raleigh in 1999 from Connecticut.  After starting his hospitality industry experience at the Crabtree Marriott, Woody worked at Ragazzi’s where he quickly moved up from server to manager in a few short months.   Woody then headed downtown to Bogart’s and Rocky Top Hospitality, where he first met Chris.  After three years and shaking a lot of martinis, Woody grew along with Rocky Top, becoming a bar manager at The Red Room when it opened.  At Red Room Woody again expanded his role, becoming General Manager at one of Glenwood South’s busiest spots.

  • Spirit Animal: Eagle
  • Diet Breaker: Beer
  • Useless Talent:
  • Nickname: Woody
  • Favorite Libation:  Hmm…


rebecca hoovler

Rebecca Hoovler – Manager

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Hometown: Raleighwood.

How you landed at Busy Bee: I worked with the guys at a different company before here; so I just jumped on for a crazy-awesome ride.

What’s distinct about the Bee/Hive: Well, we WERE just in “DRAFT” magazine again as one of the top 100 beer bars in the United States … but on top of that, we have an incredibly awesome staff, and are the best Pop and Pop Shop in Downtown Raleigh.

Your go-to bev: I’m a hophead, so pretty much any great IPA or other hoppy beverage will please my taste buds. One of my all-time faves is definitely Founder’s Double Trouble … and now I’m thirsty.

Drink you could make with your eyes closed: The Queen Bee, one of our signature cocktails. Ladies and their martinis … a never-ending love affair.

  • Spirit Animal: Puma
  • Diet Breaker: Besides Beer?!  Probably Cheese.  Damn I love that stuff.
  • Useless Talent: I can make anything into a: “that’s what she said”
  • Nickname: Reba.  
  • Favorite Libation: Bubbly